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Side Tracked


This is my Blue Ridge Beauty re-worked.  Previously it was two rows longer and needed borders, additional blocks or both. But I found a group who is looking for smaller quilts tops – 48″ x 60″ – so I removed a couple of rows and it now measures 48″ x 60″. I’ll move this top to the “To Be Quilted” list so I can record the ‘finish’ and then cross it off, reducing the number of UFOs. The two rows of removed blocks are now in the orphan block box.

I then pulled out the Red, White & Blue sampler blocks and the Victory Quilt blocks and found a few blocks in the orphan block box. With a bit of framing and sashing, I’ll be able to get two more of these smaller quilt tops.



As for the graduation quilt, it’s been gathered up and is now sitting in a million pieces on the corner of my desk.



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