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If I had only stayed away from the thrift shops and garage sales….

Saturday morning, I pulled a list of garage sales that I thought might be good prospects for shirts. My plan was to call and see if there was an open machine where I rent time on the long arm and then go to the sales afterwards. But given it took nearly 15 minutes to find a parking place last weekend, I started toward the shop before I knew there was a machine available.

There wouldn’t be one until 1 PM, so that gave me plenty of time to hit the sales. The first stop — clothes $5 a bag didn’t have any cotton shirts, other than t-shirts. I headed to the second stop, a fund raiser for a youth group. There were 6 shirts, but at $2 a shirt – admittedly a better price than the big thrift shops, I only bought 2.

I thought I had been told there was a quilt shop out that direction, so I searched on my recently updated Garmin and found one supposedly 6 miles away. It was closer to 11 miles away and when I got there I realized that was the shop which closed several years ago. Oh well. On to the next destination.

Before I could get there I spotted a guy waving a sign “Blowout sale. Thrift Store”. Naturally I turned in.  Shirts were $1 a piece normally, and for the sale buy 3 get one free.  I picked up 4, including a reversible shirt — blue on one side and green on the other.

Back into the car, spotted another shop, but no shirts and tried again to get to my next stop only to find another thrift shop with a sale going on. Picked up 2 more shirts at $1 each.

Finally got to the quilt shop I was headed for and they were having a “garage sale”.  They are moving at the end of the month. Saw a lot of cute stuff, but given I knew I was going to be buying a punch card for long arm time, I managed to not spend any money.

Pulled in at 1 to the rental place.  Two hours later, I had quilted Sydney’s latest quilt and purchased 3 cones of thread — all at 40% off.

Swung by to pick up “lunch” — it was pushing 4 when I got home, ate then took a nap.

8 shirts – 12 yards. I don’t get to count the backing as that came out of Sydney’s stash, but I did make a pillowcase. I think I need to finish something of my own soon.

Fabric added this week: 12 yards
Fabric added to date: 73.879 yards

Fabric used this week: 1.111 yards
Fabric used to date: 49.382 yards

Net used to date: -24.497 yards

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3 Thoughts on “Stash Report

  1. Kathie L on May 18, 2014 at 7:31 am said:

    Wow sounds like you had a fun day. Nice the long arm rental seems to work for you. A shop around here used to do that but everyone always complained about having nothing but problems with the machines.

  2. It sounds like quite an adventure!

  3. At least what came in did not cost big bucks. Hopefully you’ll finish a couple of your own projects to even the scales a bit.

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