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UFO Parade Preparations

Earlier this week Judy challenged her readers to a UFO Parade — Essentially, find all of your UFOs and make a list to show to the world (or at least the blog readers)  on April 15th.  I thought, smugly, that I knew how many UFOs I had and what state they were in.  I track them in a spreadsheet and I track them on my ‘Quilts In Progress‘ tab.

Last night I pulled down all of the project boxes from the top shelf.


Only one surprise in these boxes.


Mom’s JoAnn Sampler.  It’s not been started, so in my world that makes it a Kit and not a UFO.  I’ve struck it off my Quilts in Progress tab.

Then it was on to the bin of projects.


This one held surprises.  Do you see the box in the box?  This box was given to me a by a friend.  I had briefly looked at the contents, but never really inventoried them.

Last night I did.

There were 4 projects in that box.

A top which just needs borders.


A set of log cabin blocks from a swap.


A few purple blocks:


A bunch of floral blocks.


My Quilts In Progress tab has been updated.   I wonder if I can strike something off the list before the 15th?

One Thought on “UFO Parade Preparations

  1. I added 3 new projects last week. I’m not even going to count or take any pictures of mine. I will use that time to SEW!

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