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UFO Progress

Last month I was supposed to finish this Christmas Star and the Evergreen blocks for my Christmas BOM quilt.  Given that I just picked the fabrics out over the weekend. I’m surprised that I got this far.  I like how the fabric are playing together, but when I took a few seams out, I seem to have messed the size up.

My plan was to write this post even later this evening after finishing this block and the trees — ok, the trees would probably be pushing it.  But a friend asked me to repair a pair of pajama pants.  I wanted to use a narrow zig zag due to the fabric, but I couldn’t set my machine to that stitch 🙁 .

It was right at 6 and the shop closed at 7, so I dropped everything and hauled the machine in.  Hopefully I’ll get it back before too long. While it’s there I’ve asked that it be cleaned.  I just looked at my notes and it’s been 16 months since it was last cleaned professionally.

So what’s up for this month?

Judy pulled # 7. For me that means the applique block Noah and the pieced block Memory.

I suppose I could pull my backup machine out, but there is plenty I can do without my machine.  For example:

  • prep the pieces for last month’s Evergreen block
  • prep the pieces for this month’s Noah block
  • hand quilt on the DWR
  • put the grommets in the quilted purse
  • prep the applique pieces for the Eeyore quilt
  • rip out the bad quilting on Diamond Links
  • trim and square up the KTQ 1600 quilt for binding
  • pre-cut pieces for either a few SBS blocks or the Just Takes Two blocks – I’m behind on both

I think I can keep busy without the machine.

Don’t forget to check out the links over at Patchwork Times to see how others are doing on their UFOs.

2 Thoughts on “UFO Progress

  1. UH OH no fun to have to take your machine to the Dr. Hope you get it back soon. Good thing you have a spare. Looks like it is being used for a good cause though by your FB posting. I know what you mean about having plenty to do. I need to cut out more FW and SBS blocks if I have any hope to finish one or both of them this year.

  2. That is quite a to-do list without a reliable machine 🙁

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