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What’s On My Design Wall

This is really more thrown over my design ‘chair’ this morning.  Saturday I quilted my Kansas Troubles 1600 quilt with feathers, feathers and more feathers.  I really haven’t looked at it closely yet.  I’ll do that after I wash it.  But before I can do that, I have to hide the threads and bind it.   This quilt needs some serious squaring up and the only place big enough is our newly cleaned patio — but when the temperature is 100+, I’m not going outside.  The quilt can wait.

Even inside where it’s cool, I didn’t get a whole lot done.  Pardon the blurry pictures.

I finally picked the fabric for this month’s UFO blocks.  Even started piecing one of them.

I now have all 4 feet for Eeyore cut out.

And I did a little bit of quilting on my DWR.  The graphic on my side bar shows how far along I am now.

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3 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. That is a good way to practice feathers on your quilting. I like the idea of using the seams as the centers. Good Luck finishing your UFO for the Month.

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  3. I hear you on the heat making me slow down… It’s been a bit cooler here this week but I’m not getting a whole lot of sewing done. I’m trying again today but got sidetracked after about 30 minutes. Someday I’ll try a 1600 quilt. But not today. Yours looks good.

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