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Washing Instructions



Would you believe I didn’t touch the sewing machine once last night? I can’t blame baseball, the Royals won the World Series on Sunday!

But all was not lost. I was doing quilting related stuff. A quilt needed to be boxed up and sent off and I needed to include washing instructions. So, I made a hang tag.

In our stash of cardstock, my husband found a folding ‘business’ card. We’ve not used them in part because there is not a template in our word processing software and the website listed on the packaging is defunct. But I figured it out.


Each gift quilt this year will get one of these tags pinned to the corner of the quilt.



Now, if I can remember to weigh the box and use the tare function on my scale in the future. The box and quilt weighed more than my little 5 lb postal scale could handle, so there were two trips to the post office — one to weigh the box and one to drop it off. I saved $12 by coming home to buy and print my postage over what it would have cost at the post office. I could have arranged for pick up, but not knowing which carrier was on our route today, I simply ran it back during lunch.


One Thought on “Washing Instructions

  1. Those quilt care cards are a big plus, Pam. Very professional.

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