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What’s On My Design Wall – En Provence – Final Link Up


Today is the final link up for the Bonnie Hunter’s Free En Provence Mystery Quilt. The pattern is still available HERE until the end of the month.

I had great hopes of finishing the top, or at least getting all of the units completed, but this cold/crud that showed up after Christmas has kept me sitting at the sewing machine for very long.  The picture above is all of the units I’ve completed — except for the ones up on the design wall.

Once the reveal was made, I finished cutting the fabric for the remaining units.  I stitch some on each unit, then press, and trim. Up next are the parts for 10 hourglass units, 10 hour glasses and 10 4-patches.


I still have the hourglass units from the last batch left to trim.


In theory this keeps me from sitting for hours, getting tired of just trimming and keeps the quilt moving forward. I have a few more rounds to go.


In the meantime, I’ve put up some of the pieces on the design wall, along with my border fabric.  I’d like the quilt to fit my king size mattress, so I need to have the quilt finish around 95″ x 106″ without a pillow tuck. Needless to say the final layout is up in the air. enprovenceonthewall

Making the quilt 5 x 5 blocks then adding the nutcracker fabric  brings the quilt size up to 117″ square, which is really larger than I’d like. On the other hand this might work:



This design will require another 124 neutral 4-patches and the quilt will finish at 106″ square, which will allow for a pillow tuck. As much as I’d like to push through and finish the top, I need to quilt the Blue Disappearing 9-Patch before the end of the month. Once I stitch up what I currently have cut, I’ll box it up, along with nutcracker, blue and neutral fabrics for a decision later in the year.

Check out the Mystery Link Up and Design Wall Monday.


7 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall – En Provence – Final Link Up

  1. I love the Christmas colours! Maybe some time I will take a risk and do a mystery in other colours.

    I love your ideas on making it bigger. It’s funny how 124 more four patches doesn’t sound too bad, there was a time in my life when I would have thought it was the end of the world.

  2. Your colors are gorgeous!

  3. I like the blue constant — the stars really shine! Hope you’re able to figure out the size adjustment to fit your bed.

  4. Oh Wow! Your color choices are making a gorgeous quilt. I, too, love the blue stars. The light greens make is just sparkle. Beautiful!!

  5. I love your colors–beautiful!

  6. Good News, there is one more link-up next month. I love my Mystery I did in Christmas Colors. Celtic Christmas. The Nutcrackers are great as a border to make it to the size you want.

  7. Your color choices worked out really well. A beautiful EN Provence!

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