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1st Quilt Design

I’ve shown this quilt before.  It was a Home Ec project from 1980.  Unfortunately I think I lost it around 1989-1990 when when we were living in Alabama, although I’m still holding into the dream that that it’s in a box in the basement.   If it is I’ll find it in the next two weeks.

A couple of years ago I found the scraps from the quilt.  These have been packed – although I’m not 100% certain which box they are in.  But look at what I discovered last night.

It’s my original drawing for the quilt.  I also have the receipt for the fabric.

$22 in 1980 would be $60 ish dollars today.

I got no credit for the quilting since I didn’t tie the quilt.  But I still got an A on the project.  And yes, I was proud of this quilt.  I used it and washed it to the point the batting was rolling up inside the quilt.  Not enough quilting to keep the two sections of batting together and I didn’t know how to fix it.  Once I gained enough experience to know how to fix it, I realized I had lost the quilt.

But now I have enough information I can recreate the quilt.

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