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28 Days and Counting

I’ve lived in this house for over 21 years.  It’s now a mad dash to sort through 21 years of accumulated stuff (well, really closer to 40) and get it sorted before the movers show up at the end of August to pack.

I talked to a realtor on April 8th.  Flew down mid-May to look at 3 houses – 2 which hadn’t hit the market and 1 which I was out bid by 2 different people — after I made an offer of $10K over asking!  I ultimately bought this house, even though it needs LOTS of cosmetic work.

This is the room which sold the house – my future Quilt Studio.

I closed on the house mid-June and spent 2 two weeks working remotely — although I work remotely all the time – and working on getting quotes for various projects.  All but 2 outlets were replaced (didn’t know about them), all light switches were replaced, 3 ceiling fans were replaced, the stove switch was fixed, I have gutters scheduled for installation in August, the rotted fascia and soffit was repaired, and discovered the AC for the bonus room is not hardwired.

When I got back to Kansas City, the Great Purge ramped-up with a 96 hour interruption to see just how much water damage there was in the new Quilt Studio.  My brother and I few down to Ridgeland and then next thing I knew the Quilt Studio and Sunroom is ready for the electricians to come in September 1st.

We spent the weekend ripping out the paneling & insulation. Then my brother repaired the exterior walls on the patio side of the Quilt Studio and Sunroom.

While he was at it, he moved the wall into the storage area so I’ll have a 96″ wide design wall.

We took out two windows (left is my office, the right is the den) and framed them for doors.

He also took out the window from the master bath over looking the Sunroom. Other projects that weekend included ripping out the built in bookcases in the bonus area, the bookcases in the Den, all of the trim in the den, living room and dining room, and setting a toilet in the master bath. We also talked to the electrician about wiring the bonus area. Needless to say we were exhausted when we got back to Kansas City.

Projects are happening in Kansas City as well.  The last picture I posted of my house the shutters were bright blue.  I had the exterior painted in Sherwin-William “Steamed Milk”.  The painter suggested painting the shutters black, which worked for me as I had not picked a color for them.  He started the day before I got home.  The garage doors & openers were replaced the day I got home.  The rooms which have not been painted recently will be painted after I move out, the hardwood floors refinished and new flooring put in the kitchen. Then the house goes on the market.

So that means I have 28 days to finish the Great Purge of 2021.

I’ll worry about the new house when I get there.


2 Thoughts on “28 Days and Counting

  1. If I lived nearby on either end I would definitely be there to help you. I’m sending my support from afar and hope everything goes easily for the remainder of this move

  2. Congratulations and good luck on ALL of your projects!

    You can do this!!

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