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A Bazillion Pieces


Not really, it just seems like it.  Someone said that Orca Bay had too many pieces in it for them to make, but I didn’t notice it (well, until I got to the string piecing) as we did one unit at a time. This quilt doesn’t have as many pieces (I did the math), but it does seem like there are a bazillion since I have cut about half of the quilt out for quick assembly line piecing.

In this first picture is the brights for the black & bright 4-patches, flying geese & triangle in a square.  Normally I piece with a gray thread, but I realized that I don’t have any empty bobbins, so I’ve dug out the partial bobbins and will use them up. Thus the color coordinated piles.  Currently I’m stitching with gray thread in the top and yellow in the bobbin.  I just finished the yellows and I’m currently working on the “multi-colored” pile.

Stitch 5 triangles, 5 geese, 5 2-patches – get up and press, repeat.


Clearly I’m making progress.  That bunch in the bag is for my bright 4-patches. Somewhere along the way I’m going to have to get the cat hair off the rest of the black fabric so I can cut more 2″ squares and HST.


This is the pile of fabric I’m working from now — all that is left to cut from it are HST.


I may need a new blade before I’m done.

One Thought on “A Bazillion Pieces

  1. What a system! It only takes a few minutes to sew up a few when they are all cut out and ready.

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