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A Quilty Christmas


This is the quilt that Syd pieced for her brother and I quilted. He was thrilled to get it.  Next up is a black, red and white quilt for her cousin Samantha. The fabrics are piled on my cutting table and Syd has a rough idea of what she wants to do.  But it needs refined so the fabric can be cut.

Once that is done, she’ll be able to piece the top on her new-to-her sewing machine.


It’s a Singer Genie just like the one she’s been sewing on here at our house.  Now she’ll be able to sew at home too.  We found it locally on Ebay. If I had to guess, I’d say it was an estate find as the original book and feet were with the machine.

DH got two sets of pillowcases.


My wonderful husband replaced my favorite rotary cutter since the one I have died. He also gave me the The Loyal Union Sampler and tote bag and the great LED light for my lamp. Ever practical he also gave me a set of wiper blades for my car and new knives for the kitchen. Who knew that I needed 3 different sizes (two on the front a one on the back window)! Syd gave me the silicon mat for my iron so I can set it off the ironing board and on the sewing table when I’m pressing large pieces of fabric.

Today, now that the festivities are over at our house, there’s Taco Soup in the slow cooker and I’m going to work on a quilt while the house is still quiet.

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