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Can You Have Too Many Quilts?

Since I last posted, I’ve made some progress unpacking and sorting through the boxes in my husband’s office. I finally got all of the books unpacked and sorted through.  There are books in the car to take to the thrift shop along with a bag of shoes.  I have 2 more bags ready to take to the car later this morning.  In the meantime I’ve finally started refolding my quilts to put on the top shelf of the linen closet.

There is a quilt in each of those pillowcases.  From the bottom up.

There is no more space on the top shelf, but yet I have more quilts to prep for moving. The quilt not in a case is En Provence. I still haven’t made the pillowcases to go with this quilt.

These have been washed and need to be stuffed into a pillowcase — once I figure out where I’m going to stash them.  At one point I had quilts in an old glass front stereo cabinet, but I’m not going to take the cabinet with me.

I thought I had all the quilts gathered up, but realized Allietare was not in this stack.  It’s in my husband’s office along with Wonky Dishes and Alphabet BOM.

But there are more!  There are 2 quilts on the sofa which need to be washed, 2 on the daybed in my office, 1 in the dryer, 6 hanging on the walls, and 2 in the sewing room. There are also smaller quilts/wall hangings under En Provence in the closet.  This does not include family quilts which have been passed down to me.  It looks like I need a 4 bedroom home after all  — longarm/sewing room, my room, the office, and a quilt storage room, which will double as a guest bedroom.

Each one of these quilts has a story and memories. And I haven’t gotten to the crocheted & knitted afghans and fleece blankets which have been given to me over the years or I’ve made.

One Thought on “Can You Have Too Many Quilts?

  1. Terry on April 29, 2021 at 4:11 pm said:

    Hi Pam, I like your blog. My knee jerk response would be no, but I guess it would depend on how much room you have for storing quilts. I have to hear you are moving. Maybe a guest, office, storage combo would work if you used a Murphy bed.

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