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Another Quilt?

Well, it’s not bound yet.

Over the weekend I updated the software on my longarm. So between that and wanting to remember how to setup a separate border, I pulled out this Stacked Posies quilt from 2008.

In addition to having a separate border, each block and sashing is quilted individually. If you click on the picture the quilting becomes visible.  In retrospect, given the thread color I used (Glide 40wt Mercury) and edge-2-edge design would have worked just as well.

This quilt is on my 2023 Brandon Quilters UFO Challenge list. As soon as I get it bound it will be the 4th quilt I’ve knocked off my list.  That leaves me just 12 quilts tops waiting to be quilted.  We won’t talk about the # of quilts I’m still piecing.  Those can be seen HERE.


My LongArm is Here!

Saturday started bright and early as I was expecting my longarm.  Butterscotch was in the window on the lookout.

It fits perfectly where I anticipated.  7 feet from the driveway wall and 5 feet from the laundry room wall.  The ceiling fans are centered above the table the the power cord drops from the ceiling just past the edge of the table.  The power cord has a twist lock mechanism so it can’t fall out or accidentally be pulled out.

Before Ethan left, I made sure the machine was working.  After all my tech support is no longer an hour away.  The closest Innova dealer is 5 1/2 hours away!

I had great plans to get a quilt quilted over the weekend, but I ran into tension issues. It is partly a poorly wound bobbin and mostly a bad backlash spring in the bobbin case.  I really thought it had been replaced, but apparently not.  I think I had 2 ordered before Ethan got out of the driveway.

As you can see, I spent no time at all putting boxes under the longarm. They all need to be gone through, but I need flat surfaces to do that.  So, I guess tonight I’ll wind another bobbin to see if I can get the tension correct, then start to move boxes out of the space.  I think the books I’ll stack against the wall in my office and the albums I’ll put in the front bedroom.

Borders for Go! Big Crazy Quilt

This is the center of my Crazy Quilt that I cut with the Go! Big Crazy Quilt 10″ die.  I use 50 13-1/2″squares and have 2 blocks leftover.  It currently measures 60″ x 80″, but it needs to be 70″ x 90″ for the organization I’m giving it to.

The other day I purchased a black splatter and turquoise for the border and binding.  But the moment I laid it out I realized that was NOT the answer. So, I started digging in my stash.

I really like the original turquoise, this is one is not quite as vibrant.  May be it’s the gray inner border.  I’d like to do an inner border, so I can do a faux piping binding.

This turquoise and red combination is not bad, but still not right.

Since the yellow jumps out in the quilt, maybe a yellow inner border.  This green is nice and cheery.

I think this gold might work better. But after playing with all of the fabric options I had to clean up the room as my long arm was being delivered the next morning.

All ready for the long arm.