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Nora’s Notebooks

The Nora’s Notebook pattern is a padded cover which fits those inexpensive black and white composition notebooks. The pattern is exclusive to The Quilted Cow in West Branson, Missouri.

Three Fat Quarters are needed, a little bit of lightweight interfacing, Soft &  Stable (I used Pellon Flex-Foam FF78F2), and an 1/2″ magnetic closer, but a piece of hook & loop tape could also be used.

There are 4 pockets, one on the outside, 2 on the inside left cover,


and one on the back cover.

I simply quilted around the circles using pink thread.

My number 1 recommendation is to label the pieces.  2nd, when putting in the snap,  orient the tabs top to bottom so you can stitch around the tab and top stitch the cover when done.  I had to remake my tab so I could to the topstitching.

For my second cover I actually used 5 fabrics.  I wanted a way to easily see this is my Quilters By Hearts’ Desire notebook, so I made it to match my Pizza Box Quilt we made.

To quilt it, I did a 2″ crosshatch, with 1/2″ vertical lines behind the pencil pouch.

The tab is shorter as I oriented the fabric the other way.

The Quilt Studio is a bit neater as well. As I was working on the cover, I cut up my scraps which have been sitting in the pizza box and put them away.

I have one more I want to make for my Brandon Quilters notebook cover, and I think I’ll use the fabric I used in the mystery quilt we did last year.