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Stash Report

Again, I’m not sure what I’ve been doing, but it hasn’t been quilting – unless you count finishing a new star for my Star-Every-Once-In-A-While quilt. Actually yesterday I went to the Inaugural Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival with my sister and last night I attended Jazz in the Woods with my husband.

The show had a great quilts, great special exhibits and great vendors. I started to say that I spent nothing — I didn’t come home with any fabrics — but I did spend more money that I intended to.

I love my Martelli Ergo Rotary Cutters — so much that when I eventually break them by dropping them one too many times or simply wear them out, I throw them in the bottom drawer to cannibalize them for parts.   I’ve managed to accumulate 4 of them and the last one I’ve been fighting to the point that I’ve been using my 2nd favorite cutter and put my 3rd favorite in the travel bag.

Well, one of the first stops we made was the Martelli booth.  They told me to bring them in and they’ll figure out what I’m doing wrong, fix them if possible or simply allow me to swap them out for half price.  My husband called me to see when I was coming home and I told him about the swap. Great guy that he is, he offered to get the cutters and bring them too me!  He found all of them.

We looked them all over. I had 3 different versions of cutters – the original which couldn’t be taken apart for cleaning, 2 of the next version and one of the latest models (all work the same, they simply tweaked the design a bit). The newest one it turns out I’ve been tightening the bolt too much, creating a groove in it causing it to seize up. They GAVE me a new bolt and now the cutter works just fine.

Of the other three, I traded in the one that couldn’t be cleaned and the one that I had broken off the hook where the spring attaches.  I left the show with 4 cutters – but gave one to my sister to try out. That still leaves me with one for home, one for my travel bag and a spare. The spare may get traded in some day as it’s not in the best condition, but will work in a pinch here at home.


Oh, but this was supposed to be a stash report before I got sidetracked. I won a couple of mini charm packs — that the only new fabric and as I implied in the beginning no countable fabric used.

Fabric Added Since Last Report 0.365 yards
Fabric Added to Date: 181.805 yards

Fabric Used Since Last Report: 0 yards
Fabric Used to Date: 48.173 yards

INCREASE in Stash to Date:  133.632 yards

See how others are doing over at Patchwork Times.


Squishies in the Mail

Friday’s mail run brought two ‘squishies’ in the mail. One was this pair of blocks from the QIAD Birthday Block Swap. I signed up for this swap at the beginning of the year. We picked the color/block we wanted, then on your birthday everyone in your group sends you a block. I think I’ve sent out 3 blocks so far this year, have 3 made to be sent later in the year and need to make another 5.

My plan is to alternate these blocks with various blue & yellow stars. This of course is subject to change, but I have been buying yellow fabric, including these this afternoon:

As for my other ‘squishy’, it really wasn’t very squishy.

It was my new Martelli Rotary Cutter. I love this thing, and had completely worn out my original cutter. For the last week I’ve been using a Fiskar cutter which is OK, but my not my favorite. I’m SO glad this cutter finally arrived.