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Day 2 – The Final Countdown with Prairie Moon Quilts

Today’s task is:

Clean out a storage area

My Quilt Studio doesn’t have any closets, so everything is out in the open, albeit it storage totes. So, I’m going to first focus on this tote and project box.

The tote on the left is the leftover fabric from Frolic – the 2019 Quiltville Mystery. Although I finished the top in the middle of 2019, I knew I needed to make the backing wider and wanted to make additional blocks to piece down the middle. I had both a project box and this tote with the top in it. Once the backing was complete, I put everything “away” into the tote.  I finished the quilt this past summer so now it’s time to really put this fabric away.  The project box on the right contains the leftover fabric from Shimmer and the 2021 SQG BOM.  Those fabrics need putting away as well.  There is another project waiting to go into the project box and I’m sure I have enough fabric laying around to fill up the tote.

The 2nd area which needs worked on is the Sunroom AKA The Studio Annex.  Although I won’t be able to move the pile of quilts in the corner, I do need to get the books back on the shelves.


Here’s an update on yesterday’s task.

Option 2 – the Faux Applique.

I found the floss — and it was in the first place I looked! Many moons ago a couple of friends and I took an applique class and we had matching sewing baskets.  Apparently a few years later when we went to the Faux Applique class we took our baskets because that’s where I found my floss. Now if I could find my hoop.

Option 3 is the log cabin quilt.

One log was added to all of the blocks and I started stitching the second log when I ran out of bobbin thread.  So I called it a night.

One Thought on “Day 2 – The Final Countdown with Prairie Moon Quilts

  1. These are great tasks! You’ll really notice a difference!

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