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Dinner Was Served in the Dining Room

Yesterday I moved the dining room furniture into the room.  I have the buffet centered on the wall.  There’s plenty of room at each end for the arm chairs.  They’ll be used when the leaves are in the table.

The china cabinet is on the living room wall.

The plan was to unpack the china and stow it away into the china cabinet.  However, when we moved it into place it was very wobbly – more than an uneven floor could explain.  I laid the cabinet down and discovered the leg supports were broken.  I pulled them off and we set the cabinet on this blanket so I could bring in the table.  I’m going to talk to my cabinet guy to see if he can make me replacement legs.

Dinner was leftover beef and noodles eaten at a table!



One Thought on “Dinner Was Served in the Dining Room

  1. Mary A Crowther on March 11, 2022 at 3:03 pm said:

    Unpacking your china is delayed. Hope you can get sturdy legs put on it. You’re making great progress.

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