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Friday Night Quilting



Well, the little quilt is quilted. I should be able to replicate the quilting on the larger quilt without marking near as much. But first I  have to rip out the quilting I did last week on the large quilt.


But first, since I had “scheduled” tonight to work on my DWR when I got home I did a bit – including threading all my needles again.  Two full rings and the edge hearts left to go. If I would stop and just work on this I could get it done in no time.  But after 24 years and 4 months, what’s the hurry? Perhaps my NEW goal should be to finish it by the end of September – 25 years after I started it. — Remind me of that if I haven’t started the binding by August, will you?



One Thought on “Friday Night Quilting

  1. Good job on the quilting. The DWR is almost done. Take a few SNOW days and you’ll be finished. 24 years is a long time to work on one quilt. It is the your Quilt Marathon- in honor of the Olympics!

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