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Good Light Is Important

Yesterday I debated my choices on how to piece the border.  4-patches or Seminole piecing.  Mary suggested square in a square – I did say not too long ago I found away to make them nearly perfect.

I opted for the 4-patches with the setting triangles for a couple of reasons. Seminole piecing would result in a bias edge and I’ll have enough trouble with the border without adding a bias edge into the mix.  Square in a Square blocks would be difficult to line the points up.  That leaves the 4-patches with setting triangles.  I’ll cut them with the Companion Angle Ruler and since they’ll be 4 1/2 inches on one side they wont’ be too bad.

So why the title of the post?

I grabbed a hunk of white/off white fabric from my stash that I had enough of and made nearly all of my 4-patches.  Oops, the quilt center lean creamy instead of bright white.  So now I have to make a decision – do I remake these — meaning I tear these apart — I don’t think I have enough brown fabric to red0 them or do I leave well enough alone.

One Thought on “Good Light Is Important

  1. Uh OH!!! un-sewing doesn’t sound fun! I just did four days of it! It all depends on how far away that galloping Quilt police on the Goose is from your quilt… I had to look real close to see the shades difference.

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