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I’m Not Blaming Her Yet



No, I’m not blaming one of my favorite bloggers yet, as I haven’t picked up the needles to start knitting yet.  Yet, I’m sure you are looking at the picture saying to yourself “What do you mean you haven’t picked up the needles?”

Yes, not only do I have numerous quilt UFOs, there are a few yarn UFOs lurking around — although I’ve done my best to lock them away in the basement.  This one — I think it’s called Shaped Triangle from A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen – sat on my nightstand untouched for years before I finally got it to the basement (when working on it I checked the book out from the library.) It stayed there for a while before calling out to me to bring it to the light of day.

How many years?  Well, my niece 20-year-old niece was in 1st grade. She, her brothers and mother were living with us when I set it aside. I simply couldn’t knit this pattern with 4 grade school kids in the house.

So, now the questions:

  • Can I figure out where I am in the pattern?
  • If not, do I just break the yarn off and start over?
  • And if I do, do I use this pattern or something else?



The yarn is Jaggerspun Wool/Silk 2/18 in Admiral.

Perhaps with all these questions, I should either put the binding on the baby quilt or rip out the quilting on the large quilt. (I have a new quilting time — next Wednesday).

Maybe I’ll go read some more of James Rollins’ Subterranean.


One Thought on “I’m Not Blaming Her Yet

  1. I presume you are referring to Judy L…Yarn UFO’s TOO! sorry for you. What quilting do you need to take out? That is SAD. I dislike having to UN-Quilt after machine quilting something. I have had to do a bit of that myself. I’d got put the binding on a quilt or read fro sure. OR just sit and watch the Olympics!

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