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It Is the Last Row!

I just finished attaching the last row of rings to my Double Wedding Ring quilt! No, it’s not ready for the frame — I still have 4 patches to seam on the last two rows and then stitch the seams on the outer 4-patches, which are only going to be 3-patches. No sense in making them 4-patches and giving me 2 more corners per ring to miter around when I finally get to the binding.

Now I’ve got to measure the quilt to see how much backing I’ll need and start thinking about thread color for the quilting.

This is what I’m planning on quilting in the background. It’s a stencil by Gloria Hartley that I bought years ago.

I will also need to do some sort of quilting in the pieced arcs and 4-patches. I’m leaning toward outlining the arc, but not the individual pieces. I do want to finish this in this lifetime, preferably by this time next year.

Given that some of the quilting will be on the off white background and some on the colored pieces, should I use two different color threads? Or is there something which won’t look odd in both places. I suspect my thread color may influence my backing choices.

One Thought on “It Is the Last Row!

  1. absolutely beautiful! you must feel a huge sense of accomplishment. 🙂

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