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Let the Trimming Begin

Late Monday night my brother arrived to help me on the trim work and to bring me the dining room furniture.

Tuesday he unloaded his tools from the trailer into the Quilt Studio. Then we spent a good part of day figuring out what we needed from Home Depot and Lowe’s.

The Home Depot trip was mainly bits and pieces and I didn’t get a picture. We came home, I took a work call, then we were off to Lowe’s.  The baseboard for everywhere that needs baseboard, a bit of quarter round where we didn’t replace the baseboard, door casing and trim and window trim for the living room and dining room.  They didn’t have everything we needed at the first store, so we had to make a second stop.  There is at a minimum one more run, as we don’t have the crown molding or the stuff for the Quilt Studio windows.  We questioned our notes and figured we had enough to begin the process.

Tom set up a saw horses to paint the trim in the backyard. Then he discovered the trim paint I have is oil based (the painters bought it for what they are doing), so he’s off to get paint.

The reason for the huge trailer is the furniture.  It was great to haul the trim in as well. After the trim in the backyard dries, we’ll do more.  Tom also brought me a gas grill.

Yesterday also brought the fabric for the rest of the chairs.  My design choices are causing a division.  People either love or hate the stripe.


It’s right up there with this lamp I’m considering hanging in the living room over the piano.  I need to go back to the consignment shop with a piece of the chair fabric to see if it ‘matches’ and take measurements.  Then I’ll have to decide how much I’m willing to pay since it will need rewiring as a swag lamp. That way if I eventually decide it’s not right over the piano I can use it somewhere else.

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