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Missing Recipe – Found

Earlier this year I found an awesome cinnamon bread recipe on the web. It made 3 cute little loafs. I’m not much of a bread maker, but this recipe looked, so much so, I went out and bought these 3 small pans. They are about 4 x 7 edge to edge. The bread was yummy.

Now I can’t find the recipe! I printed it off, so you would think it would be in my recipe drawer, but it’s not. About the only thing I remember is that I found it reading a blog and that the blogger recommended Saigon Cinnamon. Is this ringing a bell with anyone?

Well, I’m going to search some more, now that I’ve remembered the the detail about the cinnamon and then do a bit of sewing.

9:20 – I finally remembered where I found the recipe. The Quilt in a Day forums. I searched for Saigon and found the thread. Once there I searched again for Saigon and found the recipe.

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