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More Lighting

I’ve been debating the dining room light since I took down the old fixture and realized “doing it over” wasn’t really going to work.  I spotted this one at the lighting store before Christmas, but wasn’t sold on it.  I decided I need to get my table first. Then a chance remark at the quilt shop about antiques had me reaching out to my sister in regards to my parents dining room set. When I asked her if she thought if she would ever have a space for it, she said not in the foreseeable future and if I want it I can have it as long as it stays in the family.  So, I now know I will have a traditional cherry wood finish dining table, buffet and serving cart.  That sealed the deal and I raced to the store last Thursday to buy the light.  Even better news, is they were selling the display and it was 40% off.  I brought it home this afternoon.  I’ll get it hung after the table gets here.

The electricians were also called back.  My bathroom lights went out Wednesday sometime between 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM.  I thought maybe a bad breaker, but it turns out it was a break in the wiring.  While the electrician was here, we discussed the ceiling outlets in the Quilt Studio and the 3 phantom switches by the den door going into the Quilt Studio.  I think I can safely call the guys in to put the insulation in the ceiling over the Quilt Studio and Sunroom.


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