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Moving Day

Saturday was moving day.  The cats are packed – but they smelled/tastes the meds I was to give them, so they didn’t eat anything before we left.  Gracie rode with me since she was so traumatized.

The plan was to spend one night on the road.  But I’ve chosen to move during a tornado. Needless to say I was on the phone yesterday morning extending my hotel reservation.

The cats have made themselves at home.  Gracie is hiding under the bedskirt on the far side of the bed.

This morning, Gracie & Butterscotch were in the window when I woke up.

Sherbert is checking out the large shower.

My household goods are supposed to arrive on Tuesday. I’m not sure what this hurricane is going to do to those plans.  I guess we’ll find out.


One Thought on “Moving Day

  1. Good luck on your move! Glad the kitties and you are safe.

    We’ll all be wondering how you got along, so be sure to post a quick note letting us know you. made it.

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