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Music Star Top – Revisited

This is the top or front of the quilt that I’m currently piecing the backing to. There are 168 different pieces of music themed fabric in this top. Admittedly some are simply color variations such as Column 4 Row 3 and Column 8 Row 4 or Column 1 Row 5 and Column 14 Row 6. Black & White prints vs Color Prints. Column 1 Row 2 & Column 10 Row 5; is a bit trickier. Since it had multiple images scattered on it, I was able to grab two different images so it is not just the color that makes a difference.

There is also a piece of fabric I printed that no one else will have. Doesn’t look like much in the picture (Row 6 Column 8), but it’s a print of a scan of one of my husband’s original compositions – Large Egg Rag. You can hear it here.

One Thought on “Music Star Top – Revisited

  1. Quilter Kathy on December 14, 2009 at 9:02 pm said:

    WOW! The back will be as interesting as the front…a double sided quilt!

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