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Nifty Thrifty Progress


I’ve gotten all the blocks sewn together, so now it’s decision time. This is Nifty Thrift from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps & Shirttails.  Her quilt is one row wider and longer than what I have here.

In those spaces between the brown squares will be strips of the shirts I’ve used in the quilt. In theory, after that there is a plaid border – not that I have a single piece of plaid to make that border.

There are two options I’m considering.

  1. Make half blocks to put all the way around the quilt and the figure out what to do for the final border.
  2. Make enough full blocks to go all the way round the quilt.

Regardless of which option I choose I’m going to need to find another light and red shirt for my sashing and cornerstones.  I think I’ve got enough of the brown.

But my husband asked me a question.  “What’s the hurry?” — as in why do I need to get this quilt finished.  My only answer was to get it off the design wall — which is easily done now.  So as I contemplate my options, I’m going to tackle this:


It’s my basket of shirts.  I’ve not done anything with the pile (other than push it here and there) because I don’t really have a place to store the ‘de-boned’ pieces.  However, my husband said something else — “You’ll get more shirts” — and he’s right — if I were looking, but I’m not since I’m tripping over this basket.

Who knows, by the time I finish this, inspiration may have struck.

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