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On the Needles



It seems like I’ve knit the same 2 or 3 rows 4 or 5 times now.

I’ve started the border.  If I had another skein of the yarn, I’d make this shawl a bit bigger.  Worked from the top down, I marked the end of the skein with the red thread. The second skein didn’t go near as far as the third skein was started a couple of rows before the border.

I’m in the process of ripping out row 6 of the border and I suspect I’ll have to rip out row 5 again.  Maybe next week I’ll get past row 7.

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3 Thoughts on “On the Needles

  1. beautiful stitch pattern and isn’t it wonderful that yarn is so forgiving and willing to be knit and reknit and reknit

  2. Pretty, but I don’t envy you having to rip out ANY rows, much less several. Hopefully the rest will go smoothly.

  3. Nice! I can relate as I did a bunch of frogging on my shawlette, too.

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