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Out of Control



It happens so fast.  At one point things are moving along smoothly and then then the next minute there’s fabric everywhere and half a dozen projects or more going on, many which need to be done “now”.

I promise better pictures when I finally get the room put back together, but this one is not bad.  I really like the way my new desk area is working. But I really want to get the room fully functional sooner than later.  So here are the projects:

  • Clear the cutting table — that pile of stuff is primarily junk out of my old desk drawers. It needs to be gone through and put away. Which leads to the next project.
  • The desk drawers – I’ve simply dumped other drawer stuff into the new file cabinet without regard to whether that’s really where it belongs.  The top two drawers replace the pencil drawer and top drawer of the old desk and need to be cleaned up so I can clear the cutting board.  This is slightly circular in logic.
  • On the far left of the ironing board are de-boned shirts. This is a “now” project because there are two boxes sitting in front of the design wall.
  • The brightly colored fabric in the next three piles are for my niece’s graduation quilt. I’m a bit late getting it started.
  • Then there’s Orca Bay.  It just needs the borders before it can go into the to-be-quilted pile, but it’s not needed immediately. Do I put it away or go a head and finish it?
  • In front of the orange and pink fabric is the Star-A-Day quilt.  I need to select and cut more fabric for it.
  • Get to the design wall.  There are multiple projects just for that task.
    • The shirts
    • The scraps boxes
    • The boxes which had previously been stacked under the cutting table
    • The stuff which really shouldn’t live in this room.

So, I think I’ll go to the grocery store, then worry about all of this when I get back.


One Thought on “Out of Control

  1. Only you know where everything goes. You are getting there! Best of Luck in doing it sooner rather than later.

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