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The Pink and Brown Quilt is Finished

Can you believe it’s been 3 1/2 months since I last posted? I’ve had knee surgery, 4 weeks of physical therapy, went to Kansas City for a week where I shop hopped so much I had to buy additional luggage to bring it home, installed my design wall in the Quilt Studio, hosted Bunco twice, my office cabinets were installed, made several Halloween projects and quilted Atomic Starburst.  There is a lot to catch up on.

But first, the Pink and Brown quilt is finished!  It all started with this “ugly” pink and brown vintage fabric a friend gave me back in 2007 or 2008.  I spotted a free pattern called Pathways to the Stars in a Windham Fabrics ad and started collecting vintage pink, brown and neutral fabrics. I finished the top back in June 2009.

After the top was made I found the perfect fabric for the backing, which I pieced, matching the pattern so it’s nearly impossible to see the seam.

I used Strawberry Blond Glide Thread and the Baptist Fan E2E.  The batting is Legacy 80/20.

Prior to washing the quilt measured 67.5 x 95.  After washing it measures 64 x 89 1/4″.



My Quilting Mind

My quilting mind wanders.  I setup the 2nd two cutting/pressing stations Saturday night. The space is still not finished and the boxes are not correctly labeled – not to mention stuff got shoved into them when packing last year. (Can you believe it.  I signed the mortgage papers on this house just over a year ago)

Anyway, buy Monday night the space looked like this.  How did I get there. Come along on a ride.

My SIL asked me if I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby since this week the fabric is on sale.  Of course.

I need more fabric for this table topper for  Halloween.  I’m hosting Bunco in October and need something to protect my wood tables.

My pink and brown quilt needs a label and I don’t want to use bright white.

It’s been suggested that we wear costumes when we get together for Bunco in October so I need to figure that out.  I briefly thought about Minnie Mouse when I saw a 1″ white dot on red fabric, but if the costume doesn’t get made I’m not sure how to use the fabric.  So I’m going to do Belle in her blue dress and apron.  There are 3 reasons for this option.  1 – if I don’t get the costume made, I can use the fabric in a quilt, 2 – I can use the costume to test fit my pattern for a ‘real’ dress, and 3 – a light blue dress with a white pinafore and blond wig becomes Alice in Wonderland or with blond wig and tiara it’s Cinderella.  I’ll be set for 3 years of costumes.

This still doesn’t explain the mess.  That happened after I got back.  I started looking for my Halloween fabric. This meant every tote was opened.  Oh look!  It’s the music ‘jelly roll’ race.  If I add borders it’s will be of donation size.

Isn’t the music fabric in the tote under the shelves by the chimney?

Oh – and there’s the red & white fabrics. Need to remember that and some of the Halloween fabric.

All this music fabric and nothing is working.  Back to the drawing board, but where is the Halloween fabric.

Found it. The labels are new. I added them as I opened each box.

At HL I stopped my SIL from buying some fall fabric.  Actually what I said was I purchase 1 yard of 3 different fall fabric from The Quilted Cow and she could have some.  I had to stop and cut her some fabric.

Now If I had just stayed home and worked on the project on my sewing table. There are 3 maybe 4 projects there. A purple and yellow quilt in the zipper bag.  My fabric swap blocks, a band for the second tea towel. The lavender fabric is for a pillowcase — if I make it. The whole area needs picked up.

So what am I going to do next?  Who knows. None of the quilts have deadlines and who knows how long it will take to get the dress fitted.  I’m leaning toward working on the dress.

An Out and Out Brag

A number of years ago I walked into a quilt shop and spotted this pink & brown pheasant fabric.  Not my style, I don’t even like it, but I knew it was the perfect backing fabric for my Pink & Brown quilt. The only catch is it was 44/45″ wide and my quilt top is 67″ x 94″.  So I bought an extra yard of fabric to match the seam. I think I nailed it.


Now to load the quilt.

Tuesday Morning and Midnight Gardens

First up is Tuesday Morning Garden. I was in my local Tuesday Morning looking for something and discovered they had a decent amount of charm squares, jelly rolls, and layer cakes.  I’m not a huge fan as typically there are only 5 prints in each collection, but I really liked this one.  The tag says ‘Garden’ so Tuesday Morning Garden it is.  I bought a charm pack and a FQ bundle.  When I got home I paired it with the remaining background yardage from Shimmer (was I supposed to make a pillowcase? Oops!) and found 2 yards of the splotchy fabric in my stash for the backing.  It was supposed to be used in a sweatshirt jacket that clearly I’ve not made. I started this quilt on 6/16 and finished it this past Monday (6/20).

Pattern:  Jumping Jacks by Sweet Jane’s Quilting & Designs

Size: 38″ x 49″ before washing

Quilt Design: ‘Butterflies 10’ – I’m not not sure where to get it.

Thread: 40 wt Glide in Peacock.  I thought it was a pink until I set it next to my purples.

I’ve really need to stop watching Facebook Lives.  But I love this fabric line – It’s Botanical Magic.  It’s a quick and easy sofa pillow with an envelope style backing.  I couldn’t find a pillow in the recommended size locally, so I bought a ‘travel pillow’ from Walmart.  I think it’s 14″ x 20″.

My last ‘project’ is this Amish Diamond block.  I wanted to test some instructions. This block will go in the orphan box for a future project.

Also, as a result of my spending the past couple of months, I’ve decided to track my purchases and usage again.  I started on June 1st. My fabric stash is not included in my beginning total.  By the end of the year I’d like to have my usage be greater than what I bought.  Tops already completed don’t count, but any backing that I use will go against my usage #.  I’ll post my first # on July 1st. It’s not going to be pretty.


Plenty of Finishes —

Just not mine.

My sister and nephew were in town this past week to quilt.  They set up their machines on the driveway side of the studio. They got a lot done while they were here.

First on the frame was The Ancients. My nephew pieced this quilt top this past spring and added the borders at the quilt retreat.

It was his first time using the longarm.  He did most of the work under the guidance of his mom.

We found this really cool dragon E2E design to use.  I’m not sure when I’ll ever use it again, but it was perfect for this quilt.  He’s already delivered it to his friends in New Orleans.

Alison quilted and bound this quilt this week.  She made the top at the quilt retreat in March. It’s called Starlight Dazzlers.

She also quilted and bound this quilt for her newest granddaughter.

This ugly fabric swap quilt was bound this week.

Last summer Alison loaded a quilt and started quilting it.  About halfway through quilting it she realized she forgot to add the borders.  So, she quilted the borders and as soon as she gets the additional fabric she ordered, she’ll add them to the quilt.

Next up is Diamond Divide.  She made this quilt top last month. I think she did a fantastic job with the ruler work.  It was also bound while she was here.

This was a BOM from a couple of years ago called Pinswheel Pizzazz.  It was quilted before I left Kansas City. She got it bound while she was here.

While they were very industrious, I made this bag. It’s a June Tailor printed batting bag called Sophie. I bought the kit from The Quilted Cow a couple of weeks ago.

With assistance, I put together my pressing station. I’ll do full post on how I did this when I make my next one.  This one is 24″ x 72″. I have plans for a 24″ x 60″ and 25″ x 72″ as soon as I get the shelving ordered.

As they were packing up their quilts, Josh pulls out his graduation quilt as asks if I can fix the holes.  One was from a dog and he thinks the other were from the washing machine.  Clearly this is a loved and used quilt, so of course — but I don’t have any more fabric and if I did it wouldn’t match this 13 year old quilt.

Since most of the holes were around the sail boat block, I went with a sea theme.  Octupuses, a parrot (think pirate), and a sail boat.  Since the dog chewed the quilt we added the paw prints on the top.

The last thing Josh did before they headed home was hang my wind spinner. I didn’t think to get a picture this afternoon, so it’s hard to see.


My Latest Finishes

Right up until I messed my knee up, I was finishing projects left and right.  Up first is  Dragonflies Dancing on Glenwood Avenue.  The layout is my own design.  The blocks are call Glenwood Avenue. It was the retreat swap block in 2008. I used Legacy 80/20 batting,  4o wt Glide thread in Magic Mint and the the E2E design Dragonfly Dance. After washing it measures 62″ x 82 1/2″. It will be donated to the Mississiippi State Veteran’s Home. Started 4/20/2008 – Finished 5/21/22.

This is Johnny’s Strip Twist.  Strip Twist is available HERE. I started this quilt 5/13/2016 and finished it 5/25/2022.  It measures 101 x 103.  Legacy 80/20 batting, 40wt Glide in Pistachio. The E2E pattern is Espalier.   This quilt is on my Brandon Quilter’s UFO list.

Shimmer – The 3rd quilt from the FQ Bundle + 10 FQs. For now I’m keeping this one.  Washed, it measures 64 x 79.  I used 40 wt Glide in Magic Mint, Legacy 80/20 batting and the E2E pattern Espallier. I started this quilt 8/24/2020 and finished it 5/22/2022.

Roman Holiday never made it to the UFO status.  I started it at the retreat last month (4/21/22) and finished it on 5/28/22.  The pattern is from Quick as a Wink 3 yard quilts.  Shoot, I have no notes on the quilt, so I’ll have to look it up after a bit.

I’ve made some kitchen accessories.  An applique towel and the Staci Kitchen Scarf.  I’m on the lookout for matching towel as I have enough fabric for a second towel. These were made Saturday.

The Tinzley Table Runner was a quick finish as well. I’m going to use this on my tea cart in the living room.



Last Week’s Haul

For a number of years I was able to curb my purchases, limiting them only to the essentials — absolutely only what was necessary to complete my project.  However, over the past 30 days I’ve gotten away from that.  This was last week’s haul.  Admittedly the 6 yards of batik was a steal – I think I paid $5 at the guild auction.

I am looking for peach fabrics for a quilt I’ve been asked to make, but that doesn’t explain the brown leaves or the other 2 orange fabrics above it.  In my defense, they were all on sale, a couple 25% off that price since I took the end of the bolt.

But I went to Hobby Lobby to get 1/2 yard of white fabric for quilt labels. That was my downfall.  I love the floral print. I’ve looked at it several times and walked away.  But it didn’t happen this time.  I bought it, picked the darker purple and the lighter green to go with it.  But I struggle with 3 fabric quilts, so another green, the lavender and orange dot were purchased.  I also picked up a few fun neutrals.  Aren’t those “legal”?

My justification is that I’m getting projects done. Never mind that I purchased fabric the week before and the week I went to Kansas City.

A friend asked me if I could rebind the quilt his mother made for him in 1989.  I said sure, and the last time he came through town he left it for me. It’s done is all dusty blues, many lighter than these white hearts on blue.   Interesting, the binding is done as a facing. I opted for a traditional binding and found that Winterwool in this light blue was perfect.  I simply bound over the edges, leaving his mother’s work in place. As a result, a bit the original binding is showing.

The next quilt finished is this 2008 retreat block swap quilt. The blocks are called Glenwood Avenue, although I have no idea where we got the pattern.  Since I used the Dancing Dragonflies E2E design, I’m calling it Dragonflies Dancing Over Glenwood Avenue.  I’ll take more pictures later.

As soon as I hit post, I’ll move Shimmer to the dryer then start the binding on Strip Twist.

A Finish – Making Music

I’m trying out the name ‘Making Music’ on my mini hex quilt. I won’t know if it sticks until I find my Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric.  It can’t be far as I just make a label over the weekend.

This little quilt measures 10-1/4″ wide and 14″ long. I used Legacy 80/20 batting and 40 wt Glide in Strawberry Blonde. The quilting design is All That Jazz — or at least part of it.

Since I quilted it and it has those weird angles, I opted for a facing instead of a binding.

Speaking of binding I have 5 quilts which need to be bound.  Last night I prepped my binding then wound it up for easier handling.  The light blue, green , and pink bindings are all cut at 2-1/4″ width of fabric.  The blue and green stripe is a batik cut length of fabric.  I only cut it at 2″. The last binding has a faux lavender piping.  The piping was cut at 1-1/2″ and the binding 1-1/4″.

Here they are sitting on their respective quilts.

The flower of the day is Portulaca.  I bought it off the clearance rack because it said it was a “trailing annual”. I see now on the tag that it blooms in the summer and fall.  Seeing those pink and orange flowers was a nice surprise this morning.

A Weekend of Quilting and Flowers

My second Easy Breezy is bound.  A couple of weeks ago I quilted it in either Lilac or Lavender wt Glide thread using the E2E design Dragonfly Dance.  I used the left over backing from Violet’s quilt and used it as the piping as well.  The quilt measures 40 x 48.

My little mini hex quilt is quilted. Now I have to figure out how to bind it.  I’m leaning towards a facing.

This 2008 Retreat block swap quilt. This used up the last of the roll of batting. I used 40 wt Glide in Magic Mint. The E2E design is Dragonfly Dance. I hope to get this bound to take to the Guild meeting on the 6th.

I’ve been working backwards through the weekend which brings me to this blue and green Strip Twist quilt. I didn’t pay attention to the width of the quilt backing when I purchased it. I just loved the colors.  It is a 108″ wide backing by Quilting Treasures. I finished the quilt after I purchased the backing and made it 105″ square. It was after I had the backing loaded that I realized I was going to have trouble.   So I stapled, yes stapled, a 12″ piece of muslin to the top of the backing and loaded the quilt about 1″ from the edge.  When I got to the bottom of the quilt I stapled another piece of muslin to the backing. That’s the bottom edge at the bottom of the picture.  I squeezed in a 105″ quilt on a 108″ backing, but I’d rather not do that again.


The previous owner planted these flowers.

This is my Autumn Twist Azalea.



This is the 2nd Painted Lady Hibiscus, which I got planted Saturday morning.  I still need to move two of my gardenias and figure out where to put my hydrangea.

6 Years to Make Strip Twist

Six years ago, I started this blue and green Strip Twist quilt. It’s a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter.  You can get it HERE.  I started it at a retreat on the Kenmore Ultra that I used to have.  I was struggling with my 1/4 seam and the blocks weren’t going together correctly, so I tossed it in a bag. At some point I pulled more fabrics to make more blocks, but those too got shoved in the bag. I finished it a a sew day exactly six years to the day I started it.  This morning I loaded it and I’ve started the quilting.

I pulled the blocks out last weekend and discovered the 1/4″ seam wasn’t that bad and more importantly discovered I was putting the blocks together WRONG.  No wonder I was struggling with the quilt!  I stopped in the quilt shop and looked for something to use for a border, but ultimately decided to just make more blocks and bind it with a striped fabric.

I found this batik and plan to cut the binding strips lengthwise instead of crosswise to give the illusion of stripes.