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Paper Piecing



Every once in a while I have to do a bit of paper piecing. It’s not something I enjoy, but the precision is sometimes worth the effort. I’ve done all of the easy piecing for my deadline project and now it’s time to do the paper piecing. Since I need 80 units, I’ve been working on them in groups of about 10 or so.

Temporarily glue the brown to the paper, mark the first stitching line with a couple of pins, pin the gold in place and then when I have a stack, stitch, clip apart and trim.  It was going just fine, then I ended up with a stack of left over gold pieces. Since the gold pieces are cut in mirror image and yesterday I came up short, I thought I had either misplaced the pieces or cut them wrong. I set the stack aside and started chain piecing my units.

It was when I got to clipping them apart that I realized what had happened.

I pinned the sewing line — but I failed to then go back and pin the gold fabric in place.


Well at least now it will be easier to figure out exactly where the gold goes.


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