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Piecing and Quilting Again

It’s not a very big block, and it’s not finished, but I am finally piecing and quilting again.

Tonight I decided I had to piece. No way around it. It’s been a month since I sat at my sewing machine and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I didn’t want to start a new project (well, knew I shouldn’t) and currently don’t have a cutting space set up (I was eyeing the kitchen counter), so I checked to see what this week’s block on the Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler list is.

It’s D-6 Odd Fellow’s Block. It’s paper pieced, which is not normally my favorite technique, but with my limited cleared space it was perfect. I still have one section to go. Probably could have finished it tonight, but there was a new episode of Leverage on, so I sat at the quilting frame and stitched on my nephew’s quilt.

I haven’t put a stitch in it in ‘forever’ — my guess it’s been six weeks. After tonight’s quilting I still have about 1/8th of the current block to go.

Of course, the computers still need setup correctly, the office and studio still need to be cleaned, and now there’s even a larger pile of stuff on the other end of the sewing table.

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