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Plenty of Finishes —

Just not mine.

My sister and nephew were in town this past week to quilt.  They set up their machines on the driveway side of the studio. They got a lot done while they were here.

First on the frame was The Ancients. My nephew pieced this quilt top this past spring and added the borders at the quilt retreat.

It was his first time using the longarm.  He did most of the work under the guidance of his mom.

We found this really cool dragon E2E design to use.  I’m not sure when I’ll ever use it again, but it was perfect for this quilt.  He’s already delivered it to his friends in New Orleans.

Alison quilted and bound this quilt this week.  She made the top at the quilt retreat in March. It’s called Starlight Dazzlers.

She also quilted and bound this quilt for her newest granddaughter.

This ugly fabric swap quilt was bound this week.

Last summer Alison loaded a quilt and started quilting it.  About halfway through quilting it she realized she forgot to add the borders.  So, she quilted the borders and as soon as she gets the additional fabric she ordered, she’ll add them to the quilt.

Next up is Diamond Divide.  She made this quilt top last month. I think she did a fantastic job with the ruler work.  It was also bound while she was here.

This was a BOM from a couple of years ago called Pinswheel Pizzazz.  It was quilted before I left Kansas City. She got it bound while she was here.

While they were very industrious, I made this bag. It’s a June Tailor printed batting bag called Sophie. I bought the kit from The Quilted Cow a couple of weeks ago.

With assistance, I put together my pressing station. I’ll do full post on how I did this when I make my next one.  This one is 24″ x 72″. I have plans for a 24″ x 60″ and 25″ x 72″ as soon as I get the shelving ordered.

As they were packing up their quilts, Josh pulls out his graduation quilt as asks if I can fix the holes.  One was from a dog and he thinks the other were from the washing machine.  Clearly this is a loved and used quilt, so of course — but I don’t have any more fabric and if I did it wouldn’t match this 13 year old quilt.

Since most of the holes were around the sail boat block, I went with a sea theme.  Octupuses, a parrot (think pirate), and a sail boat.  Since the dog chewed the quilt we added the paw prints on the top.

The last thing Josh did before they headed home was hang my wind spinner. I didn’t think to get a picture this afternoon, so it’s hard to see.


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