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Prepping Stars


Earlier this week the modem took a nose dive off the bookshelf and fell on a just emptied glass, breaking it. Why is this important? Because it means I’ve torn my office/sewing room apart to get behind the desks to clean up the bits and pieces. But moving the big desk will be easier with two people – especially since I want to switch some furniture out, so the final push won’t happen until this weekend.  Meanwhile, I can’t get to the sewing machine so I’ve been working on my Star-a-Day blocks.

Tonight, instead of stitching a block, I prepped stars.  This is some of the fabric I picked back in November. I finally sat still long enough to trace the pieces off and cut them out.  I need to find my alternate square fabric and cut a few squares, but all the star pieces are ready now for 9 more blocks.  At the moment I have 73 stars made.

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