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Quilting As Opposed to Piecing

This past weekend I took 4 quilt tops out to my sister’s to quilt. Turns out that was a bit ambitious given that it’s been over 8 months since I used the long arm — and I was on my own. My sister was at work.

First up was Carolina Chain.  I took the class from Bonnie Hunter at the Mississippi Quilt Association June Gathering last June. I want to take it FINISHED with me when I take a class in August with her.


I used the panto Overlapping Crop Circles by Urban Elementz and Strawberry  Blond Glide in both the top and the bottom.


At this point I called it quits for the night, choosing not to load the next quilt on the frame in case I didn’t make it back out there.  But I did.  Day 2 was much better.  This is On Ringo Lake. I used the same Strawberry Blond Glide in the top, but Zaffee in the bobbin. The E2E design is Dragonfly Dance by Christy Dillon at mycreativestitches (I resized it to 13″ tall).  There were absolutely no tension issues.  I started loading the quilt around 1:40 and this picture was taken at 7:30.


I considered loading another quilt, but decided, I really should get home, but it’s ready to go another day when my sister’s and my schedules align (she’s not using the machine and I’m off work).  Now, to get these bound and labeled.

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