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Shopping via Facebook Lives

These days a number of quilt shops are doing Facebook Lives to bring the quilt shop to their customers virtually. Although it’s not a new phenomenon, there has been an uptick in the number of shops which offer this service.  The first event I remember attending was for First City Quilts in Leavenworth, Kansas the summer of 2019.  I caught the tail end of the event. That’s where I first saw Baubles ‘n Beads and knew I wanted to make it.  Now that I’ve started it is coming together quickly.

Stitch On Needlework Shop in Lawrence, KS offers 2 live events each week.  Monday and Thursday at 11 AM Central. Although it wasn’t a live event, a summer 2019 FB post is what drew me to the Radiance collection of fabric.  Just recently they showed Shimmer during a FB live. I plan to use the rest of my Radiance bundle to make this quilt.

I was recently introduced The Quilted Cow in Branson, Missouri via their FB Live Party in Your PJs.  That’s a lively hour or two.  Interestingly, it’s possible to not get everything you “order”.  The first party I attended I ordered a panel and something else, but by the time my order came up in the queue, they only had the panel.  I  have no idea what I’m going to do with this panel, but I do like the free pattern the designer has which uses 2 placemat panels and a couple of coordinating prints.

This past week, I ordered a few more things including this humming bird panel. I think I will just quilt this and call it done.

Show-Me-Quilting does their event a bit different.  Beth records the show and hosts a Watch Party where she answers questions live and you can request your items. This week I fell in love with this Ol Saint Nick panel by Hoffman Fabrics.  It was shown twice. I passed on it the first time, but the second time it was suggest that cutting it up and using it in an attic window block would make a cool quilt. I watched the Missouri Star video on how to do it and decided I had to have the panel. Fortunately there were still some left.

It’s time for me to stop shopping for a bit.

Over the past 2 weeks these items came in the house, mostly via a FB event.  The purple (or is it navy?) with gold dots is from Show-Me-Quilting. No idea what I’ll do with it, and after the trouble I had locating more of the Kansas Troubles Fabric I bought 3 yards.  Speaking of the Kansas Troubles,  I called Kansas Troubles Quilters and asked if they had any FQs of the fabric I needed for binding Cascade. They were able to find 2 Fat Eighths!  The rest of the items are from my 2nd Quilted Cow purchase.

I think it’s time to put down my mouse and get back to the sewing machine.


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