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Skipping Clues

Yesterday I ran a few errands that took me within shouting distance of Show-Me Quilting, in Raytown, Missouri. Naturally I stopped in. I knew I was running short on the lime greens and oranges for my Good Fortune quilt, and I will need more blues for my Narragansett Blues quilt that I’m making in November.

The oranges were used immediately in Clue #4. Shh! Don’t tell anyone, but I have Halloween fabric in this quilt. Can you spot it?  I did refrain from using the candy corn fabric.

With the completion of Clue #4,  I now have all the pieces for the blocks.  I suppose that is an advantage knowing what the finished quilt looks like.  There are two more piecing clues.  Those pieces are used in the border.  So, instead of going to clue #5, I started on clue # 7.

Clue 7 part 1.

Clue #7 part 2.

I knew I had corner bees in the block, and spotted the two pink fabrics next to each other when I pressed the block.  I did not know I had two of the “wire” pieces in the block. I’m still not ripping it out.

As for skipping Clues #5 & #6?  I need to decide how big I want to make the quilt.

I can’t remember how big En Provence, the 2016 Quiltville Mystery was originally, but I enlarged it to fit on my bed. I recently got a new bed and would like to skip the dust ruffle — it just picks up cat hair – and I like the wide wood planks on the side of the bed.  However the foot of the foundation is exposed which I do not like. When I changed the sheets a couple of days ago, I pulled out En Provence and it is large enough to leave the wood exposed and cover the the foundation.  En Provence was 108″ x 108″ before it was quilted and washed.  Anyway, I am going to make the blocks then circle back to the borders.


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