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Stash Report

My stash is still smaller than it was at the beginning of the year, but it won’t be if I have very many weeks like this past week. I’m still working on the baby quilt – and broke down and bought another yard of fabric. Not only did I cut the first border 1/2″ narrower that I was aiming for, I discovered that I’ve stitched the music off center and now need to piece the border — even with cornerstones. It will be fine, just frustrating.

Then there are the gorgeous batiks I ordered late Tuesday night which arrived Friday in the mail.

The inbound numbers are up and I only get to count the 1/4 yard that I used to make the tool pouch. Perhaps this week I’ll get something large finished.

Fabric added this week: 10.25 yards
Fabric added to date: 22.979 yards

Fabric used this week: 0.25 yards
Fabric used to date: 38.737 yards

Net used to date: 15.758 yards (and I still haven’t counted those shirt yet.)

Check out the link up over at Patchwork Times to see how others are doing with their stash.



3 Thoughts on “Stash Report

  1. Oh, that sounds so frustrating. I would have stored that project until much later. I am glad you managed to salvage it.

  2. Dee Dee on March 23, 2014 at 9:29 am said:

    Sorry about your cutting mistake, not fun when that happens. The baby quilt you are making is going to be so loved, by baby and parents!

  3. Even with the additions, your numbers are good — better than mine this year 🙂 Good luck working through the mis-cut border – I know how frustrating it is when that happens!

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