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The Final Countdown, Task Two

Task Two  of the Final Countdown is clean up the fabric storage and stray fabric piles. So why didn’t I post this on Wednesday?  Because I was trying to decide which pile to tackle.  I have 4.

Up first, primarily large backings loose on the fabric shelves.  They really don’t have a home, which is why they are on top of the boxes.  But those boxes are full after my buying spree when a LQS went out of business this summer. The boxes themselves are in pretty good order since I misplaced a piece of fabric after that buying spree cleaning up.  All the boxes were emptied and the fabric refolded and sorted.  I think all that is left to refold is the KTQ box and the 30’s reproduction box, but given they have their own boxes, there is no hurry to do that. As for the backings, maybe in the box of tops even though they don’t have tops yet?

Another obvious choice is the longarm.  In the foreground is a bag of scraps which will be given to a Guild Member who makes them into pet beds for the local shelter. The bag of brights contains the fabric and blocks for the Mississippi Quilt Association BOM I’m doing.  There are 2 more blocks to go. I suspect that bag will just get moved around the room to get it out of the way until the top is done. The KTQ fabrics will shipped off to my SIL for a BOM as soon as I have the first set of pattern written up. With any luck that will be next week. Looks like there are a couple of Christmas fabrics which I might be able to squeeze into the Christmas box. The pile of batiks is for one of the quilts I’m currently working on.  It will get moved around until the top is finished.

What I really needed was a challenge to clear my sewing table. There’s another backing, parts and pieces of a quilt top I finished, some of the blocks for the batik quilt, and way under there is the leftover fabric from Frolic that I’m going to use to make the backing wider. It’s been sitting there for months.


Of course, what really needs work is the area in “the hole”.  I’m not sure I can even identify what all is in those piles from the picture.


I think we have until January 7th to complete our tasks, so maybe I’ll make the most of this 3 day weekend and knock a few of these piles back into submission. Look for an update next week.


Easy Breezy = 89

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