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The Quilting Has Begun

After a bit of running around this evening, I finally sat down and started quilting.  The top half of the photo is the music quilt.  I’m doing simple straight line quilting using the star points as guides.  It turns out I have to mark one side of the star, but I can use the guide on my walking foot for the second side of the star.    This is a large quilt (roughly 87 x 102) so I’m having to wrestle it a bit.  Hopefully there won’t be any running around Tuesday night and I can get more done on the quilt.

The bottom half is the hand quilting I was able to do in 30 minutes.  Actually, it is probably only 20 or 25 minutes as I’m watching M*A*S*H on DVDs and using it as my timer. I need to check to see how long each episode is and maybe “watch” two episodes and include my marking in the time.

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