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Then the Bobbin Thread Broke

Today was the day. I was going to do free-hand custom quilting on the Birthday Day. Got the quilt loaded, took a deep breath and started quilting.


Well, the tan thread is going to be OK…and the quilting is not obnoxious.


Second star. Rats. I missed a star point.  Oh well, I’ll catch it on the next pass.


Star 4.  Why aren’t the loops filling the space like I expected them to?  Oh, I need to be doing 9 instead of 7 in the side triangles. Perhaps no one will notice.


Drat the bobbin thread broke.

I re-loaded the bobbin and it took forever to get the bobbin thread drawn up and secured.  I finished the other side of the feather, did the loops in the side triangle, stitched the star point and got half of the corner square quilted and realized the tension looked funny.  Sure enough, it wasn’t right and needed to be ripped out.

So, since I was hot and time is money at the machine, I decided to carefully fold up the quilt (gee I wish I bought a batting w/scrim) and bring it home to rip out. I just have to decide if I want to start all over again — ripping out what I’ve done, or pick up from where I left off.

If I rip out I can revisit thread color. My husband couldn’t believe that I spent 30 minutes looking at thread and then came home with the decision to go with the tan that I already had.

2 Thoughts on “Then the Bobbin Thread Broke

  1. Susan on June 8, 2013 at 1:39 pm said:

    Rip out the quilting with the bad tension – it is easy to take it out – and then keep going with what you are doing with the same tan thread! And the 7 vs. 9 loops…that’s a design choice 🙂

  2. i love that you shared your process. it makes me feel more normally human LOL i love what you have chosen to do. yes, all that susan says….

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