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Thrifting Finds

Since this is Judy’s Quiltathon weekend,  I should have sewn all day.  After all my young friend is here and we want to finish up her quilt this weekend.

I’ve been collecting 100% cotton shirts to repurpose, but it’s been slow going since I’m not willing to spend $3.95 and up for a shirt.  But it occured to me that frequently big church and fundraiser sales sometime have by the bag pricing.

Since I knew of two such sales, I scoured Craigslist and came up with 10 possible sales.  This morning before it was light, I was out the door to the first sale.

The pile of shirts in the back left corner was my first purchase.  $1 a bag — and I found 7 shirts.  I left with my wallet intact at the next two stops, but was tempted at the 4th.

There I found this machine in a hide-a-way cabinet for $25.

I don’t really need another machine that doesn’t zigzag, nor do I have space for a machine in a cabinet.  So I left empty-handed.

Then I picked up my young quilting friend and we hit the rest of the stops on my list.  I think we spent a total of $12 or $13 for everything you see pictured — 8 cotton shirts, 2 sets of new cotton pajamas, a home-made long cotton skirt, a pair of suspenders, large gift bag, paper bag book, bird necklace, 3D puzzle, game, cello print and the table everything is sitting on.

Some sort of sewing machine fits in that table.  There is a serial number on both the table and insert which is 7″ x 19 1/2″.  A screw is missing from one of the legs.  I don’t know what is supposed to fit in this table, nor do I have anything which will, but for $2.00 could I go wrong?

As for the quilting we were suppose to do?

I’m not sure what happened.  But I need to work on my machine before we do any more quilting.

3 Thoughts on “Thrifting Finds

  1. It looks like a featherweight table. You got it for a steal! Check the Singer site for Serial Numbers. It will tell you when it was made and where.

  2. HelenMarie Marshall on October 7, 2012 at 12:12 am said:

    I think it’s a table for a Singer 301, the first zigzag machine. I use mine more than I use the Featherweights, Love being able to see in front of the needle! I have one of the tables that came with my 301 in the trapezoid shaped case. And another 301 in a Queen Anne cherry table with matching bench, and another in a walnut desk with its matching bench. The one in the Queen Anne cabinet is a shiny black one, the others are two-tone mocha and tan! Enjoy!

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