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UFO # 3 for 2009

I finished up this hand appliqué top Sunday evening. It was early enough that I could have sandwiched it and started quilting it. But what to use for the backing and batting? Most of my batting is Warm and Natural, but I wanted white batting for this quilt. As for the backing, I had no idea, so I left the top hanging on my shelves.

This evening I came into my sewing room with the intention of piecing something. But the little quilt top keep calling to me. After all it’s only 26” square, how long can it possibly take to quilt it? I still had to figure out what to use for the batting and backing.

I dug through my stash. Most of it’s FQs. I thought about piecing the backing from my pink stash, but I like those pink fabrics and don’t want to ‘waste’ them on the back of a wall hanging. Finally, I decided to dig though my novelty prints. Found a 2 yard piece of a bright yellow I originally bought to use for a swap and decided against using. Perfect. Who says the backing needs to match the front of the quilt?

Oh, and the batting? I have some fusible batting I bought to make some bags and didn’t use.

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