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What’s On My Design Wall


Saturday my quilting friends and I got together and worked on this quilt.  We each had a job to do.  V & I cut the fabric strips Friday night.  Then Saturday, I sewed, V cut the pieced blocks and trimmed the signature blocks after T removed the freezer paper.  S did the pressing.  All the blocks were made by the time they left at 5 and 4 rows sewn together — two of them correctly.

We decided that with the exception of the center row of the quilt which we reserved for T’s family, the rest of the signature blocks could land where they may.  So, I just started sewing from my EQ drawing.  Except, one block was turned wrong and I didn’t follow the design. Thus the two rows stitched together wrong.

After everyone left I was able to get the blocks sewn together correctly and a few rows sewn together.  Some blocks haven’t been returned and T thought a of a few more names she would like to send squares to.  I hope we can get this quilt finished before T’s next birthday.

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3 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. What a fun Signature quilt. I hope you get it finished in good time too. Is this a guild friend’s quilt?

  2. so when is the deadline–next year? ROFL!! I made DD and her husband a signature wedding quilt–it was finished at least a year after the wedding. I’d rather read than do almost anything!

  3. Great work Pam! It looks wonderful. Now to get the rest of the signature blocks and wrap it up. Like you said hopefully we can get it done before her next birthday, we have until Dec 24th. 🙂

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