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What’s On My Design Wall



This week all I’ve accomplished with needle and thread is 3 new stars (which still need pressing). What can I say? Tuesday afternoon I started tearing the office space apart in preparation for a “new desk”.  Well, that and to clean up some broken glass.

I think I’ve finally got all of the glass up and the computers are hooked back up. But there are still boxes to unpack and stuff to put away.  There are boxes are piled up in front of the design wall


and on the cart.


Flat surfaces are piled high.



But the quilting books are now on the bookshelf that I swapped out. The wall hanging will need to be moved.



Others hung back up.


I can however say with certainty neither the ironing or cutting boards are piled with stuff. The only decision I have to make now is if this new arrangement is going to work for me.  I’ll try it out for a week and in the meantime, put what I can away.

Hopefully there will be better eye candy through some of the other links over at Patchwork Times.



4 Thoughts on “What’s On My Design Wall

  1. Cool stars!

  2. Rearranging is FUN when you have the time to do it. Good for you! . Your stars are adding up. Happy sewing in your newly cleaned up space.

  3. I like all your stars. I know how busy you can be when you are rearranging a room with lots of things. You will get it fixed so that you can work more smoothly and then you will be finishing lots of your quilts.

  4. Beautiful stars! Some weeks a couple is all you manage. Hope you get your reorg complete so you can sew a bit more.

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