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2021 Personal Quilting Challenge #1

This past year I found that if I had a hard date I could challenge myself and make significant progress on my projects. The Guild program for February is Member Show and Tell.  Although the Guild is meeting via ZOOM, we really haven’t had Show and Tell.  I would like to have something to show that I haven’t posted in our FB Group Chat.  The title of this post is Challenge #1, so it’s possible I’ll do more personal challenges this year.

Challenge Dates:  January 1st – February 23rd. (Six weeks)


  • Alphabet BOM – Complete the top, I have a plan.
  • MQA BOM – Assuming the rest of the tops is released I’d like to get at a minimum the rest of the blocks made.
  • Red, White & Blue Wonky Broken Dishes – Quilt and Bind.  This is what I want to show at the meeting.
  • Moda U – finish the binding.
  • Ruby’s BOM – I’d like to get at least the next 4 blocks made and instructions written.
  • Runaround Bag – Everyone needs a new start on occasion. This is mine.
  • Wedding Quilt – Finish the top.

Stretch Challenges:

  • Wedding Quilt – Quilt, bind, label, and make pillowcases.
  • Ruby’s BOM – Finish the top and complete the instructions (12 blocks total)
  • MQA BOM – Finish the top

Double Stretch Challenges:

  • Ruby’s BOM – Quilt, Bind, and Label
  • MQA BOM – Quilt, Bind, and Label
  • Alphabet BOM – Quilt, Bind, and Label

I’ll continue to do daily-ish posts, leaving the challenge post to once a week, or whenever I cross something off the list.

  • 350 Challenge = 16
  • Easy Breezy = 93




Getting Ahead of Myself




I still have to bind Scrappy Trips, then up next is quilting Jared Takes a Wife.  Which of course explains why I’ve been playing in EQ with the Alphabet BOM layout.  I think of all of the layouts I’ve played with I like these two the best. Now to find some brick red and deep navy fabric — but after I get Scrappy Trips and JTAW finished.

What’s On My Design Wall



26 Blocks up on the wall. The last 3 were released together so I knocked them out quickly while I was on a roll.

X is for XQuisit

DY - XQuisite

Y is for Yankee Puzzle

DY - Yankee Puzzle

Z is for ZigZag

DY - ZigZag

Now the goal is to find something to tie all of these shirting and muslin blocks together. Just when I think I have it figured out I decide that perhaps it’s not the best option and go off in another direction. I suspect these blocks are going to have to age a bit before they become a top.

Hop over to Patchwork Times to see what other are working on.

Alphabet BOM Catch UP




It was August when I made my last Alphabet BOM. Now I’m caught up — at least with the block patterns which have been released.

  • September – Underground Railroad
  • October – Variable Star
  • November – WCTU

I haven’t seen the December or January block, but plan on making them as soon as they are released.  Then I can work on the layout.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of all of them.


T is for Tile Puzzle

DY - Tile Puzzle


The BOM for August is Tile Puzzle.  This block brings me up-to-date, at least until the next block is released.

All of my blocks can be seen HERE. These are part of Dorothy Young’s Alphabet BOM that is being run on the Yahoo! group apocketfullofmysteries. It’s not too late to join.

What’s On My Design Wall


This week I’ve got a couple of thing going on.  First off, I corrected the Rail Fence and Spools block for the Alphabet BOM. It really didn’t take long once I focused.  There are still 7 more blocks, so I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to set 26 blocks.  Nearly every plan I do I either have 1 block left over or need a few more.  But playing in EQ I may have come up with an idea.



Obviously the Letters are simply place holders and if I go with this plan there is no guarantee the blocks will end up in order.



I’ve not forgotten Eeyore — I’ve got the cable marked on the center border.  Now I need to clear the space around the sewing machine so I can finish it up.

Check out the links over at Patchwork Times to see what others are up to this week.


R is for Rail Fence, S is for Spools

DY - Rail Fence


Rail Fence was the June BOM.

DY - Spools


Spools was the July BOM.

Bring on August’s block.  I’m caught up for the moment. Well, on this project.

All of my blocks can be seen HERE. These are part of Dorothy Young’s Alphabet BOM that is being run on the Yahoo! group apocketfullofmysteries. It’s not too late to join.

One of These Things…

is not like the other. Well, none of them are alike, but one doesn’t have the muslin.



Yes, I’ll be making a new Rail Fence Block. And starting over on the Spool block for July.

Q is for Quartered Star

DY - Q Avara


The letter for this May is Q. Dorothy calls this block Quartered Star.  Nine months to go, but the blocks all go together quicker than picking the fabric out, so it’s not too late to join.

Click to join apocketfullofmysteries

Click to join apocketfullofmysteries

P is for Pennsylvania



The letter is “P” was the letter of the month for April. I’m just now getting around to making the blocks. Dorothy identified it as Pennsylvania. Funny thing about block names this is not at all what I thought I’d be making when I heard the block name.  It is the 16th block of Dorothy Young’s Alphabet BOM.  It’s not too late to join.

Click to join apocketfullofmysteries

Click to join apocketfullofmysteries