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A Few More Pieces and Planning a Road Trip

Today I mixed it up. Did a few combination triangle units from Part 6 of On Ringo Lake and stitched a few geese together from Part 7.  I’m 3/4 of the way through Part 7, so when I finish those I guess I’ll circle back to Part 3, which turned out to be the sashing.

In the meantime, I’ve started thinking about my Memorial Day week road trip to Jackson, Mississippi and the Mississippi Quilt Association June Gathering. Over the years we’ve taken several different routes:

  • Kansas City – St Louis – Memphis – Jackson
  • Kansas City – Fayetteville – Little Rock – Jackson
  • Kansas City – Springfield – Jonesboro – Memphis – Jackson

The route depended on the weather, where exactly in Mississippi we were going and when we needed to be there. Stopping at quilt shops has always been hit or miss. Frequently we pass by the shops outside of business hours, but you can bet your rotary cutter I knew where the shops on our route were and stopped at them if they were open.

On this trip I have the luxury 4 or 5 days off before I need to be in Jackson, so I can plan my trip around quilt shop hours. Earlier today I asked on Facebook if there were any MUST SEE shops along the route and was reminded that Paducah is not that far off the first route.

So the first route is the one I’m going to investigate first. I’ve always wanted to go Paducah – ideally during Quilt Week – but it’s never worked out. I’ve been through Paducah twice. Once when I was still in college and before I started quilting. The only thing I can remember about the second time was it was Saturday just after business hours.


Slow and Steady

Since I picked up the extra peach/coral FQ for On Ringo Lake, I thought I would go ahead and cut it up – not that I’m finished sewing the geese together.  I’m just past halfway on that clue, but stopped to sew a few of the corner pieces together so I could see a whole block.  Tomorrow it will be back to stitching geese together.


First Post of 2018

Well, here it is February and I’m just now making my first post of the year.  I hope to do better this year with my blogging than I did last year, but I’m making no promises.

Since I last posted, I got about halfway through the quilting on the 2016 Bonnie Hunter mystery, En Provence. I had allowed 4 hours to for quilting, but that didn’t take into consideration, stabbing my self with my nips resulting in lots of blood, or the fact that my quilt is 115 ” square — significantly larger that most of my quilts.  Soon, I will have to schedule more time on the long arm to finish quilting it.

I’m working on the 2017 mystery, On Ringo Lake, and making progress. As each clue came out, I cut the fabric and sewed at least one clue – at least up through clue # 6. Technically I had enough fabric, but it would be predominately just two fabrics and that would require knowing where in the quilt those pieces were going. In the meantime, I kept sewing the pieces for the clues, skipping # 2. I think I’m halfway through clue #7.

The LQS had a sale on FQs – $2 a piece. I really wanted 5 peachy/coral FQs to round out what I had, but was only able to find the 4 pictured above. I’m considering changing my setting squares, so picked up a couple of turquoise FQ and of course a couple of neutrals on general principles.

Also while out and about, I found 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts by Judy Hopkins & Nancy J. Martin at Half-Price Books. There are six quilts in the book that I want to make, so it came home with me.