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What’s on My Design Wall

This is a photo I took Saturday afternoon.  Friday night I was cutting fabric for a couple of new quilts and cut something wrong, so I decided I needed to focus.

Clockwise, starting on the long arm

  1. Christmas Star Swap on the long arm
  2. Squedge 18 degree tablerunner on the design wall
  3. Community Quilt for Brandon Quilters (brown bag on floor by design wall)
  4. Auction Quilt from Brandon Quilters (butterfly bag on floor by design wall)
  5. Postage Stamp Leader/Ender because I need to cut more HST for Rivanna (brown bin)
  6. Pink, Green, & Purple Quilted Sweatshirt
  7. An old sheet to make some body pillow cases
  8. Fairy Frost Sunset pillowcase and remaining fabric to process
  9. Christmas Star Swap pillowcases & binding fabric
  10. HSTs for Rivanna
  11. Kimberly from Stripology 3
  12. Tara from Stripology 3
  13. Crystal from Stripology 3

So this is the progress I made over the weekend.  I’ve left the numbers the same, but obviously stuff has been moved around.

  1.  Christmas Star Swap is off the frame and trimmed.  Not only that, I have the binding cut (it’s on the far side of the sewing machine) and most the trimmings have been processed.
  2.  Squedge 18 table runner is now a top. There is a pile of fabric on the corner of the ironing board that is for the backing and binding.  I counted wrong and have some extra wedge pieces, so I may end up making either a square table topper or a pillow.
  3. The Community Quilt is still waiting to be quilted.
  4. The Auction Quilt will be up next on the longarm.
  5. Postage Stamp Leader/Ender. It’s put away.  I only sew use the 1-1/2″ squares as my L/E when I don’t have another L/E project going on.
  6. Pink, Green, and Purple Quilted Sweatshirt is still waiting to be finished — I don’t need it until September, so I have some time.
  7. An old sheet to make some body pillow cases – I’ll work on it after I get the Christmas quilt bound while the longarm is running.
  8. Fairy Frost Sunset pillowcase is pinned to the design wall.  The extra fabric is processed and put away.
  9. Christmas Star Swap pillowcase and extra binding if I need it. I won’t make it until after the quilt is bound in case I need more fabric for the binding.
  10. HST for Rivanna.  I trimmed the 60+ HST which were sewn, then cut another 240, which should keep me going for a while.
  11. Kimberly from Stripology 3 – 4 of the 14 fabrics are cut
  12. Tara from Stripology 3 – 4 of the 14 fabrics are cut
  13. Crystal from Stripology 3 – I’ll the fabric for this quilt after I get the rest of the fabric cut.


As I was recording my most recent purchases I realized I missed the April Stash Report.

Fairy Frost Sunset

I have a new finish. This is Fairy Frost Sunset. Fairy Frost because all the colored fabric is Michael Millers Fairy Frost and Sunset as that’s the name of the pattern.  I bought this fabric years ago – January 2009 to be specific, but then didn’t work on the quilt until September 2010.  Well, I finally got it quilted and bound. It’s on my Brandon Quilters 2023 UFO list.

The quilt is roughly 56 x 79.  I used Glide 40wt in Mercury.  I used Kraker Quilting & Design’s Swirls & Feather Border Corner and Border on the outer border.  I simply stitched 1/4″ from the seams on the inner border. For the center I enlarged the Swirls & Feather #3 Block to fit the blocks.


I bought the fabric for the top at Heritage Fine Fabrics in Belton, MO back in January 2009. The quilt top was made in September 2010. I found the backing at Hobby Lobby. I loaded it on the long arm last month, finishing the binding on 4/29/23.


There was extra border and backing fabric, so I made a matching pillowcase.



I finally got my Fairy Frost Sunset quilted. It’s been hanging around since September 2010. It’s been bound, but needs to be washed. Hopefully next week I’ll get that post written.

The Christmas Star Swap from April 2019 is now a top.  I’ve pieced the backing from some vintage Christmas stash and cleaned out a project box.  I hope to get this loaded on the frame in the morning.

Both of these quilts are on my Brandon Quilters UFO list.

2023 Brandon Quilters UFO Challenge

Happy New Year!

Over the next few days I’ll update my list of Finishes, Quilts in Progress and Tops to be Quilted, but today I’m listing out my 2023 Brandon Quilters UFO Challenge quilts. My list was created and turned in at our December meeting.  The goal to finish all of these quilts by our meeting December 4th, 2023. So here’s the list:

  • Mom’s Sweatshirt – Started in December 2008. My goal now is to have it finished by September at the latest, preferably May.
  • Black & White Stacked 4-Patch – Started this in Spring 2008. I started the quilting on it, but needed to rip it out since the border wasn’t lining up.
  • Christmas Row Quilt – This was a block swap I did in October 2008. I want to have the quilt finished by July.
  • Fairy Frost Sunset – The top was mad in 10 days in September 2010. It’s time to get it quilted.
  • Auction Strings IV: Turquoise & Cheddar –  These are the last of the blocks I bought at the auction in September 2018.
  • Princess & the Pea – The retreat mystery quilt started with a panel. I got it quilted last month, then realized I don’t have binding fabric.
  • Christmas Star Swap – These was swapped in April 2019. I have a plan and the fabric on how I want to set these blocks. My goal is to finish by July.
  • QBHD 2022 Pizza Box – We finished the swap in November, my goal to to take it finished to our next meeting on January 16th.
  • Athena – I started this quilt last January.
  • Donna’s Log Cabin – I started this quilt at the September retreat. All the blocks are finished and I sewed the last seam of the 1st half of the quilt just before midnight.
  • Rainbow Challenge – These squares were swapped during the year. I started doing “something” with them in October. I have a plan.
  • Chilhowie, the 2022 Quiltville Mystery – My plan is to keep up with the rest of the clues, but I will lengthen the top.

Fairy Frost Sunset

This evening I finished the Fairy Frost Sunset top. I really think I need a better name for this quilt, but for now I know what I’m talking about.

Ok, enough playing, I need to work on my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler blocks and my Double Wedding Ring. Of course in the process of making this quilt top, I’ve made significant progress on my Blue Ridge Beauty as leaders/enders…

Some Sunset Blocks

Design Wall Monday

Today it’s the ironing board.  I’m cutting the strips for my Fairy Frost Sunset.  Since I read all of the directions and made a sample block, I know that I can cut the pieces more efficiently resulting in bonus blocks.  Each strip set provides a 12 1/2 piece with a 45 degree cut, a 6 1/2″ piece with a 45 degree cut, a quarter square triangle and a 2 patch.  I  don’t think the 2-patches will play nicely with quarter square triangles, but I’ll cross that design challenge when I get there.

Today is the Guild mini-retreat and as I do for any retreat, I’ve over packed.  This is a handwork retreat, so I’ve got my DWR. Also in my bag so I don’t get bored, is the red work I’ve been working on for 3 years – I think this block just needs a couple of snowflakes, my dragonflies and crayons and fabric to make yo-yos.

Check out what others are working on by following the links at Patchwork Times.

For Best Results…

read instructions first.  So begins the instructions on the Sunset by Sunflower Hill Designs.  It’s good advice for lots of things, not just new quilting patterns.

Somewhere in the back of my mind is another piece of advice “make a sample block before cutting ALL of your fabric” — or something like that.

Of course, I’m not one to follow instructions if there are good illustrations.  And then even if I do read the instructions, I tend to go off on my own anyway.

The first place I varied from the instructions was in my fabric selection.   The pattern said 2 3/4 yards of assorted prints in various colors for the strips in the blocks.  My first question was can I use fat quarters?   To know that I had to read the cutting instructions.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like it:

Cut 48 strips 2″ x 40″.

So I kept reading.  After the strips are sewn together the directions say cut 2 – 12 1/2″ segments and 2 – 6 1/2″ segments.  Knowing this, I could use FQs since I could get a 12 1/2″ and a 6 1/2″ strip out of the width of the FQ.  So, I purchased 11 fat quarters (2 3/4 divided by 1/4 = 11).

Over the last couple of days, I cut into my Fairy Frost and sewed strips together.  Now it’s time to cut those 6 1/2″ and 12 1/2″ segments.  But wait – the next instruction is to cut the end of the rectangles off at a 45 degree angle.  Resulting in triangle “waste”.

These triangles will not end up in the trash — they’ll end up either in my  “crumbs” can or the “orphan block” box.  But then I got to thinking.  Could I cut the fabric with my Companion Angle ruler?  To know that, I’d have to make a sample block.

I’ve figured out that yes, I can cut the strip with the Companion Angle ruler and the block will go together correctly.  After I get all of my blocks made, I’ll sew 4 of the triangles together and use them in another quilt with the left over dragonfly fabric I am anticipating having.

Wasn’t I supposed to be making another SBS block and the guild BOM, not to mention quilting the DWR?  Then there’s the monthly goal to “make progress” on the Cream &  Green quilt and Star Struck.  Good thing this is only the 18th.