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The Day After

Here it is 8 PM and I have yet to sit at my sewing machine. I have however made a decision on the border fabric.  I’m going with this gray fabric.  It’s a basic from Hobby Lobby. I think the line is Natures Bounty and the color is Concrete.  It’s the same fabric I’m using in my Just Take 2 quilt which apparently I started in 2012 when it was first released.  It is possible that I had enough of the fabric since I bought about 5 yards a couple of summers ago, but I don’t want to turn up short, so I purchased enough for both borders and the cases of two pillowcases. If there is leftover fabric I’ll put it in the JT2 box.

Easy Breezy = 13

A Quilting Goal

Way back in 2012 I started the Just Takes 2 Quilt by  Sentimental Stitches.  The pattern was sent out every 2 weeks and there are 100 blocks – excluding the border. I’m doing mine in turquoise and grey.  I eventually finished the first section and a few more blocks, but the quilt was set aside to work on something else and I’ve not gone back to it.

I’ve decided that I want it finished, preferably quilted by November 2019. I had the patterns printed out through Unit 18, block 71, and tonight I printed the rest of the blocks and assembly instructions. Then I counted up the applique blocks (14), paper pieced blocks (9) and simple patchwork blocks (25) I still need to make.  If I make 3 blocks a month, and assemble as I go, I should have the center completed by September 2019. That will give me October to do the border, quilting and binding.

The plan is to tackle one applique block and one paper pieced block a month then as my reward, do a pieced block which should be considerably easier.  I guess I’ll just take them in order which means the first applique block is #34 and the first paper pieced block is # 40.  The first pieced block will be # 53.