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Better Picture

The color is better and the quilting is visible, but the pretty turquoise is simply not showing up.  I’m not sure what’s up with that.  Maybe it’s like trying to photograph purple.  Mine always come out blue.

Dancing Flowers is Complete!

Earlier this evening I finished stitching down the hanging sleeve on Dancing Flowers.   It’s even been washed and dried.  But I still haven’t gotten a good picture of the quilting or the right colors of the border and sashing.

The label is the same fabric that is in the border.    I love the Laurel Burch fabric I bought for the backing.  It hides my quilting — unless you are up close and in good light.

I’ll try tomorrow in the daylight — provided it’s not raining to get a better picture.

What’s On My Design Wall

Not a whole lot of quilting going on here. My Star Struck blocks are still on the wall – not that I’ve added to them since I got distracted by my Texas Braid. What I’m really working on is Dancing Flowers. This evening, I finished trimming the threads, did touch up quilting and then squared it up. Before I put the binding on, I’m going to make a hanging sleeve – but that implies I can get to the ironing board. I can barely get to my sewing machine this evening.

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What’s On My Design Wall

Dancing Flowers is quilted! At least I think it is. It’s tough quilting with invisible and black thread. I still need to trim the threads on the back and then I’ll know if I did all of the quilting in the cornerstones.

The quilting is not fancy, but I hope it’s effective – 1″ crosshatching behind the applique, stitch in the around each applique piece and stitch in the ditch on the border. I am planning on sewing the hanging pocket on when I stitch on the binding. I hope to get that done this week, but who knows if it will happen or not with everything going on around here.

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QA Wednesday

A week has passed, my ankle is better, although not perfect, and I can finally sit at the sewing machine for longer than 10 minutes. As a result I have finished my Texas Braid top. Since my goal was any piecing/quilting I think I can say I accomplished that.

So what’s up for this coming week?

Finish quilting and bind Dancing Flowers. It has to be finished by July 19th.
I want to also get a baby quilt shipped out, but I’ll settle for simply picking which quilt I’m going to send.

There were other things on my list for the month of June, but they just aren’t going to get done. Maybe during the long 4th of July weekend….

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My Husband and My Quilting

Several people commented on my husband playing on my design wall. I really do enjoy his input – not that I always follow it. 🙂 One of the first things we collaborated on was this quilt which we called “Which Way’s Up?”

Several years ago the gals at Wondercut Ruler did a mystery quilt and we ended up with a pile of split 9-patches. I laid the blocks out on the floor (this was before the design wall) and then the two of us flipped, turned and swapped the blocks until we came up with a design we both liked.

This signature quilt is another project which he had considerable input on. It’s more ‘artsy’ than I normally do and it’s thanks to my husband’s input. He pushed me to work outside of my comfort zone (although I immediately crawled back into it).

Sometimes it’s just a fresh pair of eyes that makes a difference.

In this quilt, I used a fabric that couldn’t make up its mind if it was red or black. It looked weird scattered in the quilt, but since the blocks (and possibly the rows) were already sewn, I wasn’t going to do anything about it. My husband pushed me and he was right. Moving to they came together made the whole quilt look better.

As for the Texas Braid, once he saw pictures of the two options he agreed it didn’t make 2 cents difference which layout I used, so I’m going with the original layout. I hope to have the quilt top finished tomorrow night.

Texas Braid Options

Original Layout:

Alternative Layout:

What’s On My Design Wall

Sunday afternoon I finished piecing the braids for Texas Braid. As I trimmed each braid, I hung them on the wall. My husband came in and said he didn’t like it, so he started playing with them. As soon I have 3 1/2 more braids to trim, then I’ll try it out both ways — as designed and as my husband sees it.

At the top are the Star Struck blocks that I was working on at the beginning of the month. I got distracted trying to finish up Texas Braid and haven’t worked on them in a couple of weeks.

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What’s On My Design Wall

Last week I took a posting on the Guild website as a challenge to get my Texas Braid top completed by tonight’s meeting. Since all 10 of the braids were about 1/2 way to the length I wanted, I thought it might be able to get it done. It didn’t happen. Only 4 made it to the correct length (these braids are folded in half).

Rain usually means more quilting time, but in this instance it meant my brother couldn’t work so he, my sister and I spent all day going through my mom’s things. I don’t know when we’ll get lucky enough again that all 3 of us are available at the same time.

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QA Wednesday

Last week’s goals:

* Add the border to the pink Carolina Christmas blocks – DONE!
* Make this week’s SBS BOW and 3 make up blocks – DONE!
* Resume the hand quilting on my DWR — aiming for 15 minutes a day – Didn’t even look at.

If I’m going to finish the DWR by my deadline, I really need to work on it. Maybe I’ll move my frame into the sewing room from the living room. I think part of the issue is there’s not enough light in the living room.

Since my SBS block is already done for the week, and an implied challenge was issued, I’m going to try and get my Texas Braid top completed for show and tell at Monday’s guild meeting. I have 10 braids started and they are each 18 cornerstones long. I think I need to add another 24 to get to the length I want. It may not happen, but I’ll be further along on it regardless

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